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On the Road with Sr. Suzanne

July, 2014

"Traveling to the Mountain"

To dwell within these mountains is to experience
        -in their heights, God’s majesty
        -in their weight, God’s strength
        -in their hollows, God’s embrace
        -in their waters, God’s cleansing
        -in their haze, God’s mystery
In these mountains we truly find a holy place

Excerpt from “At Home In the Web of Life”
Sr. Suzanne - Community of AnawimSummer is a time of year to travel to the mountains of Frenchville, Clearfield County, PA, for more than 200 youth and adults leaders.

We find many references to the mountains in our scriptures. We find in First Kings chapter 19 the story of Elijah who is tired and worn down from doing what God has asked of him. Elijah says he has worked hard at following God’s will and he is looking for relief and refreshment. He finds himself on the mountain of Horeb in a cave. He hears God ask him: “Why are you here, Elijah?” After some conversation God tells him to go outside and stand on the mountain because God wants Elijah to see Him.

Teens and adults from many states travel to our mountain in Pennsylvania Appalachia and I believe that God has the same question for them: “Why are you here?” and then God says: “Go stand on the mountain because I want to reveal myself to you.” When have you had “mountain” experiences? God wants us to see Him and hear Him. Our culture has tried to train us to not see and experience God. Go back to the last time you saw or experienced God and sink into that grace asking God to reveal Himself again to you today. Do that each day and your heart will begin to see and experience God in more ways than you could imagine. The teens and adults who have been with us this summer have!






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