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From the Desk of Sr. Ruth Ann

August, 2014



Sr. Ruth Ann

In a resplendent cloud the Holy Spirit appeared, The Father's voice was heard:
This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him."
Matthew 17:5


As we enter into the Eighteenth week in Ordinary Time we find something not ordinary, but extraordinary taking place right in the middle of the week - The Transfiguration of the Lord! We, too, like Peter may have wanted to build tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah in an attempt to hold onto this most divine and glorious experience and stay there forever. We, too, have had moments of God's glory in our own lives, which many times have proved to be our touch stone, our source that keeps us going through the tough times in our lives.

But, just as the mountaintop experience at Mt. Tabor, the time of Jesus' crucifixion at the hill-top of Golgotha is also a time that we can find glory. Just as in our own lives when we go through difficult events in our lives, such as a loss of a loved one, failing health, divorce, or losing a job, we can find God's glory. Jesus' life, death and resurrection are all part of the passion, all part of the glory. We can choose to allow God to use any and all these times to transfigure us more and more into God's image and likeness.

Sometimes in the ordinariness of daily living we just need to take the time to look at things differently; see with new eyes to discover God's glory. Recently, we had some much needed remodeling done at Marian House, our homeless shelter for women and children. The dining room received new wallpaper and the kitchen got a fresh coat of paint, as well as the flooring was replaced in both rooms. When it was time to re-hang the pictures, some of them no longer went with the new color scheme. However, in just switching pictures around from other parts of the house we found that they took on a new beauty. It was like we were seeing the pictures for the first time! Our daily lives also hold many hidden treasures and we can discover them as we see differently!

God tells us very simply as we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration that Jesus is His beloved Son, with whom He is well pleased, and we are to listen to Him. As we take time each day in prayer with the Scriptures, talking to Jesus as our closest friend and just being with God, we will more and more see with new eyes all the events of our lives - - be they mountain top experiences, or times of crucifixion, or the ordinary days of everyday life.





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