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On the Road with Sr. Suzanne

September, 2014


Sr. Suzanne - Community of Anawim


Students and adults have come and gone for the summer. They have journeyed to the mountain and “caught a glimpse of all that they could be” (from the theme song: We’ve Been to the Mountain). Our summer brought with it ….




moments of insight:
“I realized a simple ‘hello’ could lead to a great conversation”
moments of challenge:
“I learned so much about myself and never thought I was good at caring for the elderly.”
moments of joy:
“I felt so accepted in the group and gained more friends than I could have hoped for.”
and moments of God:
“I discovered God all around me, actually experiencing God in my life this week, from the beautiful stars to the smile on the face of the person I helped.”

In the beginning of the week students and adults explored how God showed Himself to Elijah in the whisper on the mountain. (1 Kings 19: 1-13) We all practiced listening for the “whisper of God.” By the end of the week we all found ourselves feeling the same way that Peter, James and John felt when they were on the mountain with Jesus. (Matt 17:1-13) Everyone found themselves saying: “Lord, how good it is for us to be here.”

In the experience of the Transfiguration, Jesus told them to ponder what they had experienced and then to share it with others, to be His witnesses of the glory of God. We are all called to be witnesses to our life with God. How has your summer been a journey with God? Take time to ponder, reflect and then share with someone around you what God has done for you, with you or because of you, and then share it with us!

May you have moments on insight, moments of challenge, moments of joy and be deeply aware of your moments of God!

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