The Anawim Community



Spirit and Charism


The Anawim CommunityMembers of the community are women and men committed to a life of personal and communal prayer who make private vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. They live a communal life of prayer, seeking to embrace the spirit and charism of the Beatitudes. God is both the source and the goal of the Anawim Community. God’s grace gives value to all the Community’s activities. Prayer, hospitality, simplicity, and service of the poor done in the Spirit of the Beatitudes is at the very foundation of the Anawim Community.


The Anawim CommunityPrayer

Prayer is at the heart of the Anawim Community. Both communal and private prayer give members the inspiration and grace to live out Gospel values in the spirit of the Beatitudes. As a Christian Community rooted in prayer, we strive to make prayer a priority in our daily lives through Community prayer twice a day (Prayer of Christians and other prayer forms), daily Liturgy, monthly Holy Hour, and the faithful observance of private prayer of at least 1 hour a day and a private retreat day once every 6 weeks. There is prayer before all meals and the Community chooses to fast 1 day a week in union with the Church’s fast for peace and it is an outward sign of the Community’s dependence upon the Lord.


The Anawim CommunityThe hospitality of Jesus is experienced in community – a place where all are welcome. Community members strive to generate a spirit of joy and peace, creating an atmosphere of hope and dignity for each person and all whom they serve. Hospitality as defined above is an important part of the charism of the Anawim Community. In order to cultivate a deeper senseof hospitality, members commit to faithfully pursuing personal prayer so to develop an inner attitude of The Anawim Communityhospitality. This inner attitude of hospitality then honors the dignity of each person and the indwelling presence of God within each one.

Simplicity and Stewardship

Simplicity, stewardship, and balance in lifestyle is reflected in the Community’s commitment to justice, peace, and relief of the oppressed. Simplicity and stewardship are practiced in daily life through simple and modest dress and simple and balanced meals. Modern conveniences and digital equipment etc. are used in moderation. The Community’s emphasis is on personal interaction and community building. The Community believes that our land should be used productively and affirms the creative use of our land in such things as landscaping, berry farm, and gardening to meet some of our food needs. Our recreation is creative and simple in accordance with our lifestyle. Balance of lifestyle affirms the development of the whole person.



The Anawim CommunityService


The members of the Community are called to reveal to the world Christ’s presence within it. Our service springs forth from a life centered in prayer and hospitality. The gifts of the Community members and the needs of the people help to determine the individual’s ministry.




Current Ministries

The Anawim Community

The Anawim Community


Direct services to the poor and disadvantaged in their homes through short and long-term volunteers and
Community members

Emergency shelter for homeless
women and children; Services
to pregnant women and families
with infants



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